Can a patient be asked to leave a memory care facility due to aggression, anger, and other bad behavior with no notice?

“Yes, they can refuse to take him back. It sounds as if his behavior is the problem and he probably disturbs other residents. Behavior can also become a safety issue if he is combative.

Just as the facility can refuse to take him back, your mother can do the same. Simply tell the hospital that she is not able to provide the ongoing care he needs. The social worker at the hospital will have to find appropriate placement for him. Something similar happened with a friend of mine. The person receiving care had become impossible to be cared for at home because of behavior. After talking with a number of memory care facilities and non that would take them, the only option was a State psychiatric facility and they happened to have space available just when they needed it.”


It seems Mom is having some aggression. The family reaction has been to blame the facility to encouragement in the form of telling her she got her licks in on the man that wandered into her room.

My wife wants nothing more than support from her brothers and sisters. It is a lonely journey so far, and I don’t think it is going to get crowded anytime soon.