A Sad Conversation

Mom and I talked a bit when she came home from Joe’s today. I had spoken with Kathy and she told me Mom had a good day. Here dear, old friend Queenie came to visit, and it has probably been a year since she last saw her. Queenie had called in the past but it is infrequent.

Queenie came and took Mom to lunch. In the meantime, Janet came to get Mom but she was still out with Queenie, so Janet ran some errands and collected Mom after her lunch.

Mom got home around 7, we were finishing dinner when she got there. She went to her room, and we cleaned up the kitchen.

I was sitting on the couch after a day at work and Mom came in and we began to talk. She started by expressing her frustration with memory loss. I usually will ask her if she did anything and so I began that line of questioning. She Thought she went to dinner at Kathy and Mike’s house. I’m not sure if thought she was at dinner at our house, or if she thought Joe was her son-in-law Mike. I didn’t want to pursue it.

She said in so many words how this depressed her. She told me she prays often but it doesn’t seem to help. She even said she wishes she would die but realizes that is not an option. I tried to console her the best I could. I told her I was always ready to talk if she needed it. I let her know that we were here to protect her and keep her safe.

I told her she was fortunate in that people half her age die of cancer or accidents. I pointed out that she has grandchildren that she loves and loves her and that many don’t get that opportunity.

We left it at that. I told I was here for her. But I know that with Alzheimer, she won’t remember the conversation in the morning. And we will be back in her routine that doesn’t offer much in stimulation. And she will keep to herself and pretty much keep quiet. And that is a sad conversation.