MSNBC is rebroadcasting the terrible events of 9/11. Mom has been sitting and watching. She hasn’t said a word. I don’t know whether to tell her this is from 13 years ago or if she would even know. She doesn’t know the name of the president or the year so I’m looking at this somewhat as a detached observer.

After about an hour I had to engage her. Since she seldom initiates any conversation, I mentioned that 9/11 was a terrible day and asked if she remembered it. She said yes but nothing else. No recollection of what she was doing that day, or asking about what I was doing. Just a yes.

The lack of conversation is a cruel part of Alzheimer. It is strange to say “good morning” only to be given an icy stare as a response. Dinner is spent in silence. When the kids come over Mom will eat with us but never get into the conversation. Usually after she eats she goes to her room.

In the past, Mom had a habit of not wanting to be a bother. She would tell us she was giving us “space.” I am guessing that this habit of leaving the table and retreating to her room might be part of this behavior.

We will never know.