Prescription Games, Among other Things

Well I was thinking about the prescription games we have to play. The different methods we employ. The fact that pill have to be put out in the morning with breakfast and then we have to tell Mom to take her meds.

It is not that she has a lot to take. A thyroid pill, and generic Aricept. Two pills but they have caused problems over the last couple years. I know this system works, and the other systems didn’t. We gave her credit for being more aware than she is. We thought that telling her to take a pill via a phone call would work. In hindsight it didn’t. Did this cause problems? I this one of the reason she is where she is? We’ll never know. We have to accept that we are doing our best.

On another note, we had our first case of incontinence of the bowel variety. Dirty underwear found hanging in the bathroom. No explanation. This is a first. I hope it is an isolated case, but she eats poorly despite our best efforts and she likes eating cookies and candies as I have mentioned in the past. Maybe this diet is catching up with her.

Kathy is going to do her bedding, maybe we will find more surprises. I sure hope not.