Lack of Caring

This is when being a caregiver gives one pause. The daily interactions with Mom are remote. She seldom talks. She doesn’t go outside very much. Only seems to exhibit OCD behavior when it comes to the couch covers being straight and the dog toys being put in the basket. We suggest things, buy puzzles, word search games, and give her menial tasks to keep her time occupied.

We are not the best caregivers. We work, have kids, have the stresses of life. We get tired, crabby, argumentative, judgmental and can feel quite alone at times. In fact we feel quite alone most times. We nave support (3,000 miles away) yet local support is slipping away. Not by our choice but by another one of Mom’s children.

We spent a busy day yesterday. The Seattle folks were here and we started exploring assisted living and memory care facilities. Navigating the murky waters of care for a loved one is stressful. After visiting 3 different locations, we were spent. The stress level was taxing. Now comes the hard part. Weighing he pros and cons and making very hard life changing decisions, for someone else.