Another Day Another Excuse

Well, the local “son” won’t be picking Mom up today. The once a week for 4 or 5 hours respite from us, and interaction with her family is once again put on hold. Last week it was on call. This week it is a sewer back up. So it will be three weeks if we are lucky. Then he’ll get a week off when we take Mom on vacation.

Wish I could just tell the “son” don’t bother anymore. Mom can read a calendar. Mom knows that she goes with the “son” on Sunday. Mom during the week asks about her children. Only two of which she sees or hears from regularly. But even once a month breaks are a relief for someone doing the caregiver game.

The “son” of course does not have the balls to tell his own mother that he won’t be coming. No, he gives Kathy a call and leaves a voicemail with another one of his excuses. So we will call the “son” and ask him to call his own mother. This is an adult. This is someone that has benefited from Mom’s generous nature. This is a “son” that seems to only be able to get his mother on a Sunday. No other day. No Saturdays, ever. Never during the week. And no calls it seems. He can only see her, in person, once a week, unless there is an excuse for not showing up, and then he can’t even muster the courage to call his mother and tell her himself.

What a man.