A Caregivers Plight

Marriage is a partnership. Mothers-in-law count. Maybe that is why most companies give you bereavement pay when an in law passes.

The partnership should work even when the mother in law is living. It shouldn’t be left up to only one in the relationship, the son, to give Mom a break once a week from us. We the caregivers have no on-call excuse. We have no “my head hurts so I’m dressing Barbie dolls” excuse.

If Kathy is away I take care of my mother in law. Before she lived with us I’d get her no matter what. If Kathy was working I’d pick her up and bring her over so she could get dinner. I didn’t take the attitude that since she wasn’t my mother I was given an exemption from any responsibility.

Joe is on call. That means he has to sit by the phone in case he is needed. I guess that means his wife has to sit by the phone to support him.

I’m not happy. Mom knew it was Sunday and asked if Joe was going to get her. I was leaving for work so I told her probably later in the day. Joe seems incapable of calling his own mother to tell her he won’t be there, because he is on call, and Kathy is nursing her head injury from a week ago by dressing Barbie dolls. I guess he called my wife who was up north. So Alzheimer gave her a break. She probably forgot today was Sunday. She hopefully wasn’t waiting for a visit that never happened.