Just Another Day

Just another day. My day off. Mom had french toast for breakfast. Toast is her go to meal. Toast is just what she wants all the time. Toast or cookies or chocolate. She is a poor eater. But today she had 4 slices, and Kathy only had two so I guess she was hungry.

She was in her pajamas all day yesterday. Before I went to lunch with cousin Paul she was still in her pajamas. She didn’t change until around 6 or so.

For dinner we had chili. She has taken to doing an odd thing since she moved here. She like to heat up her plates, and ours as well by putting hot water on them. I have never seen this before. This time I just told her to forget doing mine but if she wants she can do hers.  She elected not to warm her plates today.

We ate, she cleaned her plate and sat with us for a little while. She then went into her room and started ripping pictures again. Seems there was some other items in the mix but Kathy and I don’t want to burst in and ask her what is she doing. Seems like a real loss of dignity and privacy. I wait until she puts them in the garbage and then I look through them to see if there are shreds of things we recognize.  When she emerges from her room she takes a trip to the garbage with a stop to the cookies. She loves her sweets.

So her memories along with her mind are getting slowly shredded. Maybe this is a fitting metaphor for Alzheimers.

We need to get rid of her apartment. It will probably fall on us. I will send a message to Joe and Paul asking for help and we’ll see where that goes. We have a lot of planning ahead for an uncertain journey that doesn’t really have a destination.  Need to keep my spirits up.