The Dog Bowl

We have two bowls for our dog Pepper Ann. An indoor bowl and an outdoor bowl. Simple enough. Not the same shape, both chrome however. The outdoor bowl only gets used in the spring, summer, and fall. That is when Pepper loves to rule the yard.

Early this week, Kathy saw Mom emptying the outdoor bow to water planters we have surrounding the patio. Kathy told Mom that that bowl is for the dog and she needs to get water.  Kathy then came inside to do the laundry.

When she came back, Mom was scrubbing the outdoor bowl with the same tools we use to clean our dishes. We love our dog but we don’t share that love when it comes to cleaning things. Kathy told Mom we don’t do that.

Kathy left the room. When she returned, the outdoor bowl was sitting in the rack that used to hold the indoor bowl. The indoor bowl was sitting outside where the outdoor bowl used to be. ┬áThis is the first time Mom has decided to get “involved” with taking care of Pepper. I do know she loves the dog and contrary to our requests, feeds her from the table, things like pop tarts, but this was a first, and we hope a last.

We haven’t had any other dog moments. We do keep an eye on the bowls however, just in case.