Not Real Sociable

Mom is not real sociable. Whenever the kids are around she scampers off to her room and shuts the door. The only time she stays with us is if we are eating dinner. After she does the dishes, off she goes. We don’t get a hello unless we say it to her. We could go the whole day without talking to her if we chose. I’m sure part of this is due to Alzheimer. She has such a short memory she doesn’t have much to talk about. But a “hello?” Too much to ask.

Today her grandson, his wife, and her great-grandson came by to visit. I guess this happened around lunch time. We wouldn’t know as he never called us, only texted our daughter. His mom made the arrangements. I asked Mom how her day went. What did she do? She said she did nothing. She only sat around. She had not recollection of seeing her great grand child. She didn’t remember lunch. In her mind she sat in her chair and read her annual report over and over again.

Mom is good at interacting when called on the phone or brief visits, but the day to day observation, the ability to see the veil of darkness consume her memory is really quite sad. Where once there was conversation, now only silence.

She is not real sociable, but in her defense, she doesn’t know she isn’t.