Dietary Restrictions

We need to limit and eliminate chocolate from our diets. It isn’t a new allergy or issues with weight. No, that would be logical and self imposed. This means no chocolate bars. No cookies with chocolate in them. Chocolate bars? Done. Brownies, cakes? Not chocolate.

What brought us to this decision? Mom. She feeds the dog from the table regularly. Before she came to live with us we had a pretty good handle on keeping Pepper at bay during dinner. Being a dog, she knows where treats lurk. Well with Mom, they were always at the end of her arm. We have told her to please not feed the dog but that is a fools’ prayer. She really does what she wants. ┬áNot out of spite, but because Alzheimer doesn’t allow her to remember our request.

Since chocolate is death to dogs, we have decided that it has to go.

Chocolate, I’ll see you again, but not at home.