Is it Wrong?

Is it wrong when Mom wants to wipe down the table with her dinner napkin? Is it wrong that I ask her not to? Is it wrong when she gets pissy and calls herself dumb in a way meant to inflict guilt, but unfortunately with me there is no guilt? Is it wrong that she says she doesn’t clean the table with the napkin, then turns around and wipes the counter with the napkin?

I wish Joe could take her more than a few hours per Sunday. This task keeps getting harder and harder. Sometimes being on an island with the only physical help living side by side pushes our confrontational side. It makes us say, “enough.” It is after all our house, our way of doing things. We are flexible. We give her great latitude, but when matters of health are at stake, ours, we draw the line, and it makes for a charged atmosphere.

It seems the outdoors doesn’t have the allure it once did. Today she didn’t go outside, but just sat, head in hand on her chair and didn’t move. Is this temporary, a pattern, a behavioral change? I don’t know, but is it wrong to start really thinking of alternatives?