Mothers Day

Mothers Day has come and gone. Yesterday I worked so I wasn’t around for a good chunk of it. Joe took Mom and Kathy and the girls spent the day together.

Things got a bit interesting when Mom got back from Joe’s. She had flowers from her daughter in Houston, flowers from her granddaughter. Flowers from her grandson. She seemed overwhelmed. She kept checking the flowers, reading the cards, and fussing with them constantly.

She showed us her Mothers day cards a couple of times. But the best thing about this day was that I think for the first time in a while Mom really enjoyed the day. We don’t get the feeling very often that she is happy here. We sometimes feel that she would live with any other child rather than us. Nothing has ever been said. No facts. Just a feeling of general unhappiness. Not depression.

I certainly understand the bleakness of the situation for her. She was vibrant, powerlifting world record holder, and now this. I don’t think I’d be such a joy in a similar setting. But hopefully I’d seem more into life.

5/14/2014: The flowers have seemed to be less of a problem lately. Mom still is content to just sit in a chair. She’ll ask if she can do something and since we keep a tidy house, there is only so much dusting one can do. It has rained since Monday but yesterday was hot and dry for a while. Mom was dressed in a sweater and what looked to be warm pants. She won’t go outside unless it is suggested to her. Before she lived here, last summer, when I’d get her and bring her over for the day, Mom would sit in the back and just relax. Now we have to tell her what to do.

One thing we don’t tell her is about her apartment. We went over there last night to get out the last garbage bags. After dinner. After cleaning up. After work. Some live closer but some elect to do nothing. We just told Mom we were stepping out for a bit. We could never tell her that the place still exists. We keep it a secret, for her well being, and ours.

So Mothers week is in midstream, the weather will be dry but cold. More time in the chair. More time spent in the waiting room.