Listed are the posts for September 2014.

A Sad Conversation

Mom and I talked a bit when she came home from Joe’s today. I had spoken with Kathy and she told me Mom had a good day. Here dear, old friend Queenie came to visit, and it has probably been a year since she last saw her. Queenie had called in the past but it […]


MSNBC is rebroadcasting the terrible events of 9/11. Mom has been sitting and watching. She hasn’t said a word. I don’t know whether to tell her this is from 13 years ago or if she would even know. She doesn’t know the name of the president or the year so I’m looking at this somewhat […]


Vacation with Mom and the folks from Seattle. A nice place on the bay in northern Michigan. 8 days away from the grind of life. We’ve been back about 3 weeks, and I’ve taken a bit of a break. Not much has happened that is earth shaking or life changing. The drone of life continues. […]