Listed are the posts for June 2014.

Not Real Sociable

Mom is not real sociable. Whenever the kids are around she scampers off to her room and shuts the door. The only time she stays with us is if we are eating dinner. After she does the dishes, off she goes. We don’t get a hello unless we say it to her. We could go […]

Fathers Day

It’s Fathers Day. Joe, Mom’s son took her this weekend after taking last weekend off. Joe and Kathy had to get a way for the weekend. They were traveling to Grand Rapids for their anniversary. This weekend Joe came yesterday and took her for about 4 hours. Couldn’t do it today because it’s Fathers Day. […]


If you open a 2 lb tub of margarine on May 17th, how long will it take to use all of it? Right now, it is 3/4 empty. Mom and her toast. I have never bought so many english muffins, bagels, and loaves of bread in my life. I came home last night and she […]

Now Means Now

Small things that have Kathy and I wondering if sometimes we are too structured and we don’t let things roll off. We had dinner. I had cleaned most of the pans and Kathy was going to work in the kitchen to clean the other items not yet done. Mom does the dishes. She cleans the […]

Dietary Restrictions

We need to limit and eliminate chocolate from our diets. It isn’t a new allergy or issues with weight. No, that would be logical and self imposed. This means no chocolate bars. No cookies with chocolate in them. Chocolate bars? Done. Brownies, cakes? Not chocolate. What brought us to this decision? Mom. She feeds the […]