Listed are the posts for May 2014.

Is it Wrong?

Is it wrong when Mom wants to wipe down the table with her dinner napkin? Is it wrong that I ask her not to? Is it wrong when she gets pissy and calls herself dumb in a way meant to inflict guilt, but unfortunately with me there is no guilt? Is it wrong that she […]

Fear in the Act of Walking

There is fear in the act of walking. Not fear about stumbling and falling. Not scared of a dog bite. No, the fear of Mom deciding it would be ok to go for a walk on her own during the day while Kathy and I are at work. We have locked the gate in the […]

Preparing the Garden

Sounds like something Mom would like. The last couple of years when she would come over twice a week, one day would always be spent in the yard. She would weed, clean, and sit in the sun. Today was planting vegetables day. I ran to the store and purchased tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, seranos, Chinese long […]

Mothers Day

Mothers Day has come and gone. Yesterday I worked so I wasn’t around for a good chunk of it. Joe took Mom and Kathy and the girls spent the day together. Things got a bit interesting when Mom got back from Joe’s. She had flowers from her daughter in Houston, flowers from her granddaughter. Flowers […]


Toast for┬ábreakfast, toast for lunch. Toast for dinner if I had a hunch. Toast in the morn and toast at night, toast with jelly or it just ain’t right. Toast is her fodder. Toast is her fuel. Toast is her meal instead of my gruel.   Mom likes her toast. She has bread, english muffins, […]

Sometimes A Memory, Sometimes Not

Mom asked about Paul (the Seattle son) this morning. I’m off so I was around the house and she came in asking if Paul was coming this weekend. I told her no, he was here about a month ago. Mom couldn’t recall seeing him. She didn’t belabor the fact, but just went back to her […]