Listed are the posts for March 2014.

Paul is Coming to Town

Told Mom Paul will be here this coming weekend. She mentioned that she knew about it last weekend, even knowing Paul’s wife Ellen by name, and that she wouldn’t be coming. Mentioned it this morning and she guessed what day it was (wrong guess), and asked where Paul lived. I told her Seattle, and she […]

Return From Weekend Aways (Ours and Hers)

We both went away for the weekend. Kathy and I up north, Mom to Joe’s. On our way home we talked to an old friend of Mom’s, a lady named Queenie. She has my number as I have talked to her in the past, telling her about Mom and Alzheimer. She was having trouble getting […]

I’m a Stalker

We are leaving this morning to go north for some respite. We talked with Mom yesterday about packing but it never got finished. She would constantly go back and forth from her room asking the same questions over and over. Finally, we convinced her to take a bath. That was the usual ordeal. It probably […]

Tough Talk

It isn’t tough talk with mom, rather it is mom in conversation saying things that are tough to hear. ¬†Yesterday Kathy told me she was looking at pictures of her as a little girl. Mom did not recognize her own. Then she asked as she has many many times her usual string of questions. “Why […]

Our First Weekend Away

We get a break! Yeah! I got a rare weekend off and we are heading north. After some drama Mom is going to stay with her son for three days. It has been a bit stressful for her I’m afraid. ¬†Since I’ve come home (about an hour ago) I’ve had to tell her probably a […]

Somewhere in Time

This is pretty symbolic. It speaks volumes about time and how it is perceived by someone with Alzheimer disease. Mom wanted to send a letter to her representative about Social Security. A little form letter. She did great in signing the letter, getting an envelope and addressing it properly. All good so far. Where things […]