Listed are the posts for January 2014.

She Came Home Confused

She spent Sunday at Joe’s. But when she came home she seemed confused. She took off her coat and went to her room. She came out with a calendar in hand, and she was trying to remember who she had dinner with on Saturday.  She knew she had dinner with Kathy and Mike (me), but […]

Bath Time

I remember when those were wonderful fun words. Two little girls might not have like it but it was our time. I traveled back then and when I was home it gave me time to have fun and play. It was our way to end the day. The game we play now is will she […]

Why We Are Caregivers

Why do we do this? What posses us to take in a loved one? I came across a long article on Pro Publica. I’ve attached the link. I think it says it all.  


We usually don’t confront Mom with anything. We don’t tell her to take a bath (we leave that up to our daughter Jen), and we try to make her feel as much as we can that this is her house. But of course we can’t always act that way. If she is having trouble finding […]

She Moves Like a Ghost

Now you see her, now you don’t. She isn’t there, then she is. Maybe it comes with being 85 pounds. I haven’t been that light since grade school so I really wouldn’t know, but Mom moves around the house with very little noise. Just now she left to get a blanket. I saw her leave, […]

We Make Assumptions

We assume Mom knows she is living here. Frequently she reminds us that we assume too much. She came home from spending about 5 hours with Joe her son and Kathy his wife. When she came in she wanted to know if she had a suitcase.  We had to explain that she lives here. She […]

The Food Game

We have to play the food game. What is it you might ask? How about we start at the beginning. When Alzheimers started taking its toll, we would try to get Mom to eat. We would bring over leftovers. We would have her over for dinner. We bought her chocolate protein shakes that were lactose […]

Spare Time

My day off today, mixed with errands and getting a crock pot meal in the cooker. Not too exciting. Got home to find Mom eating something, looks like cookies. She also had been in the bowl where I leave my schedule and bills to pay. I asked if she was looking at my schedule and she […]

A Lack of Interest

Mom suffers from a lack of interest. Before she moved here, we know she took walks, but we often wondered what other things did she do to keep herself busy. Did she read? Did she cook? Did she call friends or relatives? We are pretty certain the answer is no. Other than walks, she probably […]

Prescription Games, Among other Things

Well I was thinking about the prescription games we have to play. The different methods we employ. The fact that pill have to be put out in the morning with breakfast and then we have to tell Mom to take her meds. It is not that she has a lot to take. A thyroid pill, […]

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