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Fathers Day

It’s Fathers Day. Joe, Mom’s son took her this weekend after taking last weekend off. Joe and Kathy had to get a way for the weekend. They were traveling to Grand Rapids for their anniversary. This weekend Joe came yesterday and took her for about 4 hours. Couldn’t do it today because it’s Fathers Day. […]

Now Means Now

Small things that have Kathy and I wondering if sometimes we are too structured and we don’t let things roll off. We had dinner. I had cleaned most of the pans and Kathy was going to work in the kitchen to clean the other items not yet done. Mom does the dishes. She cleans the […]

Preparing the Garden

Sounds like something Mom would like. The last couple of years when she would come over twice a week, one day would always be spent in the yard. She would weed, clean, and sit in the sun. Today was planting vegetables day. I ran to the store and purchased tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, seranos, Chinese long […]

The Benefit of Lost Memory

Easter was a tough day and a happy day. Tough when Mom felt abandoned by her son, then happy when she got to see her daughter after probably a year. Yesterday morning, that Monday, I asked Mom how her day was. How she enjoyed seeing Jill. Mom didn’t remember seeing her. Didn’t remember the harsh […]

The Constant Reminder of the Frailty of the Human Mind

Mom got up this Saturday morning, a bit early, and had her coat, gloves and glasses. She came out of the bedroom asking where her purse and wallet were as she was going out. She thought someone was going to pick her up. She doesn’t know who. Doesn’t know when, just somewhere in her thoughts […]

Another Day

4/9/14: Started the day taking Mom to the hospital to have some blood work done. I didn’t warn her last night. Times before when we have told her that she will be going to the doctors it has resulted in anxiety and stress. We felt it best to just let her have a restful night […]

Start of a Bad Day?

Could be the start of a bad day for Mom. It was a first. She has always known who I am. I have never for a moment thought she was unsure of ┬áme. She has done this with her daughter like I have mentioned, but never me. This morning as I was getting ready to […]

The Importance of Communication

Mom went with Joe, her son, yesterday. She went to lunch and a walk we were told. The event took about 1-1/2 to 2 hours. Kathy saw Joe when he picked her up. When Kathy got home from doing Saturday chores she was back home. I got home from work, prepared dinner, had Mom set […]

The Responsibility of Caring for Elders

Joe didn’t take Mom last weekend. It was the weekend after we had our break. I wasn’t surprised. Kathy told me that Joe’s Kathy has the weekend off so he will just get Mom on Saturday for lunch and a walk in the mall. I guess her time off this weekend must be pretty important. […]

The Challenges of Spring

With spring comes yard work and days spent outdoors. A relief for most, a concern for us. Before I get into it, Paul came and went. Seems like a long weekend goes by way to quickly when you are with people you love and know their stay is limited. We got stuff done on Mom’s […]

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