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Saw this and found it poignant.

Dementia is an Insidious Disease   Well worth the read.

The Calendar

Calendars mark time, they are used by most of us to relate to future events. To dinners with friends or a night out with a loved one. Doctors appointments, trips to the vet, school plays, all displayed and noted to keep track of your life. Sometimes you use a calendar to relate to the past. […]

A Life Condensed in 20 Minutes

Like it or not we are sometimes measured by our possessions. Bigger house, bigger car, closets full of trendy clothes all contribute to our feelings of worth. We have more we feel like we are “more.” We moved Mom into assisted living a couple of months ago. I took some time off and I needed […]


MSNBC is rebroadcasting the terrible events of 9/11. Mom has been sitting and watching. She hasn’t said a word. I don’t know whether to tell her this is from 13 years ago or if she would even know. She doesn’t know the name of the president or the year so I’m looking at this somewhat […]


Vacation with Mom and the folks from Seattle. A nice place on the bay in northern Michigan. 8 days away from the grind of life. We’ve been back about 3 weeks, and I’ve taken a bit of a break. Not much has happened that is earth shaking or life changing. The drone of life continues. […]

Another Day Another Excuse

Well, the local “son” won’t be picking Mom up today. The once a week for 4 or 5 hours respite from us, and interaction with her family is once again put on hold. Last week it was on call. This week it is a sewer back up. So it will be three weeks if we […]

A Caregivers Plight

Marriage is a partnership. Mothers-in-law count. Maybe that is why most companies give you bereavement pay when an in law passes. The partnership should work even when the mother in law is living. It shouldn’t be left up to only one in the relationship, the son, to give Mom a break once a week from […]

Back from Joe’s

How was Joe? (head nod, I’m not sure she understands) How was Joe (again, in case she didn’t get it the first time.) Head nod. No verbal answer. How was Kathy? (head nod) She got up and left. Went to her room. We don’t think she went for a walk or anything because we don’t […]

The Dog Bowl

We have two bowls for our dog Pepper Ann. An indoor bowl and an outdoor bowl. Simple enough. Not the same shape, both chrome however. The outdoor bowl only gets used in the spring, summer, and fall. That is when Pepper loves to rule the yard. Early this week, Kathy saw Mom emptying the outdoor […]

Not Real Sociable

Mom is not real sociable. Whenever the kids are around she scampers off to her room and shuts the door. The only time she stays with us is if we are eating dinner. After she does the dishes, off she goes. We don’t get a hello unless we say it to her. We could go […]

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